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Smart Home system

Home Automation

A smart home system is only as smart and reliable as the team that designed and installed it. We partner with the leading manufacturer's of luxury automation systems. We are Crestron certified & Savant Ambassador level dealers.

We design all our systems with simplicity in mind. Our goal is to provide a smart & easy to use system, that also simplifies your lives, while providing the ultimate quality of life, whether at home or abroad!  We can also provide 24/7 live tech support plans for anything that we install for peace of mind, 

Lighting control system, Lutron, Crestron.

Lighting Systems

Residential lighting is usually the most overlooked and under-budgeted process in the construction phase of homes. And it's the most important, not only for everyday living & enjoyment but for things like energy savings as well. Basic color uniformity and accuracy of in-ceiling fixtures, & low quality bad fitting trims are just a few of the things that we see wrong in many new luxury homes. This also plays a major role in degrading things like artwork visualization, task lighting, & so on.  We can provide lighting design, control systems (for minimal wall clutter & one touch scenes), & quality fixtures. Whether it's downlighting, linear LED, full color RGBW, or tunable white for circadian rhythm systems, we have you covered!

Home theater, screening room, surround sound.

Theaters & Media Rooms

Home theaters & screening rooms are one of our favorite things to design & execute. From simple large screen systems to fully tuned & acoustically treated Dolby Atmos rooms we've done it all. We are also one of the few companies to design around a clients budget first, rather than from just a parts list of the most expensive components.  Again, this is another category that our background within the professional world places us around not only the best manufacturer partners & people, but also possessing the most experience with what the word "Great" actually means.!

Home speaker system, sonos.


With our background in the recording industry, we like to think we know a thing or two about great audio systems. From distributed whole home systems to two-channel listening rooms, we can design the best system at all budgets. We're lucky to be partnered with some of the best sounding & true audio manufacturer's in the business. We're also blessed to regularly install our designs in the homes of the top recording engineers, music producers, & artists .  

IT Netwoking, wifi.

Enterprise Networks

Networks are the backbone of any home whether you have an AV system or not. And this is especially so if you have a smart home system! That's why we design all our systems around the same enterprise grade equipment that you would find in use in places like banks, hospitals, or Fortune 500 companies.. We don't have our time and especially not yours to waste experimenting with boutique AV networking brands that were designed for one thing only - the ease of setup by non network trained personnel. The level of enterprise grade equipment we specify also doesn't require random, or any type of scheduled reboot to stay up and running either. 

Motorized shades, motorized drapery, Lutron, Crestron.

Motorized Shades

Besides providing the best experience at home, motorized window treatments also help conserve energy and keep the heat & UV rays off things like artwork & other prized possessions. We can work side by side with interior designers & drapery workrooms to get the job done, and done right! Whether wired systems in new construction or remodels, to wireless systems for retrofit projects, we partner with  the top manufacturers such as Lutron & Crestron to provide any type of treatment necessary. 

Security cameras, surveillance.

Surveillance Systems

Our surveillance systems are based around the latest in AI technology. From active-deterrent cameras with sirens & 2-way talkback, non pixel based motion detection, to license plate reader cameras, & auto-tracking PTZ cameras.  We design all of our systems with your exact needs in mind., and our systems are also cyber-secure & don't require the opening of any ports or un-secure holes onto your homes network. 

Smart energy, solar, tesla wall.

Energy Management Systems

We can take your solar, battery backup, & generator systems to the next level! We can integrate those systems into your homes automation system for things like automatic non-critical load shedding during a loss of grid power to maximize battery runtime, off-grid power switchover during a normal day to utilize the battery system to avoid having to pay for power during non power outages. All off this can be done automatically and doesn't require a PHD in energy solutions to use or control either! 

Audio calibration, ISF calibration.

Audio - Video Calibrations

What's the use of having the top system if it's not calibrated or tuned properly? We can tune the surround audio in theater's, and even the whole home audio system around the house or backyard to sound the best that it can be! This is more important than buying more expensive speakers in many cases. We can also  provide ISF level calibrations for projectors & OLED/mini LED televisions to get closer to what the director intended. We also design our systems from the start to have the proper capabilities & DSP built in to ease this process when the time is right. 

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