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Home Automation


Imagine controlling your whole home in a simple fashion, while home or away, or anywhere in the world. Home theater, whole house distributed audio, climate, lighting, security, pool & spa control and more.....all with an easy to use custom designed interface utilizing one of our direct partners Crestron or Savant. We also often set up simple custom handheld remotes to control a single room's AV gear with ease, as we specialize in making your and the whole family's life simple. This is extremely important while enjoying that quality time at home, or while entertaining guests or visiting family. So get rid of all those remotes cluttering up every room causing confusion and start enjoying your quality time at home! All of our systems can be designed to start small but remain scalable, to easily upgrade later as needs arise or budget allows.   

Audio Design


Quality sound is something that we do not take lightly!  We are proud of the fact that many of the worlds most successful and highly recognized music & film sound professionals rely on us to design & install their systems in their homes. We also take pride in knowing that we can create great audio with almost any budget. Whether it's your home theater, whole home distributed audio system, or that outdoor living space....we specialize in designing and executing an amazing sounding and easy to use system.  We also are very proud of the fact that we not only partner with the best manufacturers in the business, but we also personally use what we sell.  We are certified dealers of all our products lines, which means we don't just sell you what's on special at the local distributor like most....but what we love AND what we can provide you with years of factory supported service with from our true manufacturer partners. This is everything! 

Video Systems


Our video systems are designed to give you what you need in every area of your home.  In most cases we can eliminate many of the extra satellite or cable boxes that reside in every room, and narrow it down to only the ones that you need to view different content at the same time throughout the house.  Our centrally located AV racks are designed to distribute AV content to any room, and are controlled easily with our custom remotes, touchscreen's, or mobile devices.  These types of systems also clean up the individual rooms and let you focus more on the interior design, rather than having unsightly equipment in every room as well. We also have the ability to remotely monitor and manage these systems, to reboot components that often times just need to be reset to regain functionality and performance.



Let's face it....these days networks ARE the backbone of any modern home's AV system.  We always start all of our designs with an enterprise grade network, as almost every device we install lives and breathes on the local area network.  We only use reliable and well designed products that you'd typically find at a hospital or a university like Fortinet, Cisco & Ruckus to allow us to properly design the network to keep the AV gear running fluidly and without hiccups.  We engineer all of our system without the "all in one box" mentality and use dedicated modems, routers, network switches, and true managed WAP's (wireless access points). We also have the ability to remotely monitor and manage these network systems to keep your system optimized(firmware updates, etc.) at all times. This technology also us allows to remotely verify if any outages are cause by the internet service provider, or are issues within the premise itself to reduce unneeded service calls.



Car audio is where we started after leaving the multi-million dollar recording studios behind, and it's where we still have a very special place in our heart for.  Although automobiles are no longer our main focus, we still design & install bespoke audio systems into a handful of select projects.  We are long time partners with some of the finest manufactures in the business, including FOCALMOSCONIAUDIO CONTROLJL AUDIO

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