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CW Technologies is the culmination of what began after high school graduation for Carlos Warlick as a twelve year career as a highly recognized and award winning recording engineer in the music industry. Carlos knew immediately after first setting foot in a major L.A. recording studio (starting as the primary coffee maker and bathroom cleaner) that this was his destiny.  After a few years of 100 hour weeks assisting many of the worlds best engineers and producers, he decided to spread his wings and become a freelance engineer.  During his 12 years in the music industry Carlos worked closely in the studio recording with artists as diverse as Tupac Shakur, Quincy Jones, Whitney Houston, Dr. Dre, Peter Cetera, & Ice Cube.

 After choosing to leave the fast changing music industry at the same time that most large scale facilities were losing ground to the new boom of smaller & laptop based home studios, Carlos once again successfully mastered the art of sound and electronics.... but this time with luxury & exotic automobiles as his palette.  CW Motorsports was born in late 2005, and very humbly completed hundreds of high end audio systems and technological upgrades into vehicles. As 12 volt specialists, CW Motorsports provided unmatched audio design and electronic services for everyone from the local enthusiast to the serious audio professional.

 Fast forward another decade, Carlos again recognized a widespread deficiency of interest. While visiting countless of his clients homes to deliver their vehicles, he noticed that almost every AV and automation system integrated was not only improperly installed, but also the overall design was usually marginal at best. That was when the idea was born to shift into home system integration and provide many benefits to his clients by using his years of knowledge with not  only professional audio, but his vast experience with electronics yet again.  Besides now designing and integrating reliable home entertainment and low voltage systems, we also spend no less than three weeks a year traveling the world continuing our education and certifications with most all our manufacturer partners. This, combined with our unmatched knowledge and experience with professional audio and the signal flow of electronics, we humbly feel sets us above the competition.


 CW Technologies is a California licensed & insured low voltage contractor, and is the natural progression into the future!!!

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